13 things we learnt from taking part in 2013


Bring More Snacks

Try Finding a kiosk in the middle of Mongolia! We lost 12kg (26 lbs) between us in just over a month.


Pop up tents are a pain

They may be easy to set up, but what no one tells you is that the tricky part comes when you have to twist it in all kinds of unnatural ways to try and pack it back up.


You’re never too old

The winner in 2013 was 81-years-old and he’s taking part this year at 87.


The navigator is always right

Even if you think the navigator is wrong, they are right. Period.


Don’t follow other cars

They are probably as lost as you are. In 2013 we ended up leading two cars around an unplanned tour of Beijing’s ring roads. We enjoyed the company, but don’t think they did.


Women are better drivers

You can guess which one of us drove over a stone and punctured the fuel tank. Yep, he was also the one who fixed it.


Travel Light

Try to take the minimum amount of spare parts and tools. Chances are someone else will have what you’re missing and can help you out.


Check the weather

Siberia gets quite warm in the summer! No need to pack the snow chains this time.


Radios are overrated

Okay, maybe they’re not! But when you don’t have one for over 13,000 kms (8,500 miles) you’ve got to keep telling yourself that.


Hold your horses

Driving as fast as you can in the Gobi desert for the first time is fun! Nursing your car for the rest of the trip is not. Home is still a long way away.


Stop along the way

It may be a race, but it’s over all too quickly. There is no harm in stopping to take photos or make memories along the way.


Bring ear plugs

Trying to fall asleep to the sweet sounds of engines revving all night whilst camping in Mongolia is not so sweet.


Make friends with the mechanics

Not only do they know all the gossip but they may also help you get out of a sticky situation.