Day 5

Today was a “rest day” better known as an “anything but rest day.” The main aim on these days is to do laundry and fix the car, or at least patch it up until Novosibirsk, where it will be easier to get spare parts.

Yesterday on the home stretch, the car kept on misfiring. Whilst Mario went to tackle that, I was sent on a mission to buy paper towels, water and warm socks. We had dry cleaned our sleeping bags before coming on the trip as they were still covered in dust from the 2013 P2P, but this appears to have done something to the insulation. We were both absolutely freezing whilst camping so hopefully the warm socks will help.

I went to a supermarket to buy the water and found that it was full of German products. Surprisingly, a lot of them were the German supermarket Edeka’s own brand products.

In the evening we joined some of the other Swiss participants for a traditional Mongolian meal, which ended up being in an Irish bar.