Day 6

Today we got back in the dust mobile and started the +400km journey to our second campsite. I may have been wearing freshly washed clothes, but as soon as I got into the Traction Avant, it looked like I had been rolling in dust.

Literally everything inside is covered in it. Whenever we go over a bump a little too hard, all the dust becomes airborne, creating a dust cloud inside the car which redistributes evenly over every surface, including us.

Today’s start was on the main square in Ulaanbaatar. There was so much traffic that it took us over an hour to make it the few kms out of the city.

The route to our second camp involved another alternate route. This time Mario was navigating and couldn’t find it, but we still made it to camp.

We haven’t been making any lunch stops and barely have time to eat the packed lunches. We are so distracted with driving and navigating that we don’t feel hungry.

The last part of today’s drive passed through an area which looked a lot like Switzerland. It was green and full of fur trees. All that was missing was a ski lift!

After the four man effort that was needed to take the tent down in the first camp, Mario and I decided to rent one from the organization. They put it up and take it down for you which was quite a relief for us. However we can’t choose the tent’s location. I feel asleep to the sound of snoring coming from all sides.

Sorry for the delay! My internet connection has been very spotty.