Day 7

The first half of today’s drive was on tarmac, which we completed in good time. The second half was on dirt roads and that was a different story.

On the dirt it sometimes seems as though Mario purposefully chooses the bumpiest track to make sure he has some tinkering to do in the evening. Today we had a flat tyre and the throttle linkage disconnected but other than that, nothing too major.

I also discovered that the dust’s dry shampoo properties work great for one day. One the second day however, it turns the hair into something which resembles the beginning of dreadlocks. Not quite the look I was going for.

The camp was noticeably emptier tonight. Usually it is quite hard to find a spot in the main tent during the dinner time rush hour. Not today. For once there was also plenty of toilet paper.

We heard cars limping into camp all through the night but many were still missing.