Day 8

Today was the toughest day we’ve had so far. We only drove 341km, but it was all off road and very rocky. The whole day was one gully, river crossing and hole after another.

The uneven surface is really hard on the car because it constantly shakes it, loosening all the screws. One participant’s torch even unscrewed itself because of the vibrations so you can imagine what impact it has.

It may have been rough driving but the it was worth it for the scenery. We passed through valley after valley with only herds of goats, horses, cows and sheep and the odd yurt.

After nine hours and another puncture, we finally made it to camp. You could tell that it was a hard day because the mood was a bit subdued. People were tired but most had to tinker long into the night. Even if nothing per se was broken, everyone had to tighten their screws.