Day 14

Today was another not-so-restful rest day. The morning was spent stocking up on necessities and trying to sort through some of the thousands of photos I have taken so far. Around lunchtime, Mario and I headed to the garage in anticipation of Irina’s arrival.

Irina is the Russian friend of one of our competitors and she is flying into Novosibirsk with our new torsion spring. Another Swiss participant also desperately needed a new break disk and some screws for his Porsche, so she also brought that for him.

As soon as Irina arrived at the garage, Mario got to work on switching out the broken spring and I brought her back to the hotel.

Mario was able to switch out the broken part, but he said he will have to take another look at it on the next rest day. The car still sits a bit low so he needs to fiddle with the orientation of the spline a bit more. While the car was on the lift, he noticed that the chassis was also cracked in two places. He was able to quickly weld that up too.

In the evening, Irina and some of the others joined us for dinner at a restaurant called #sibirsibir. We all thought the food was delicious, but especially enjoyed being able to choose our own food for once. It was a welcome change after having just had buffet meals for the last two weeks.