Day 17

The driving wasn’t particularly exciting today, but we were in for a huge surprise when we arrived at our final camp site this evening. It seemed to be more like a festival than a camp site! There were food stands, a stage and a lot of people who had come to take a look at our retro cars.

We were welcomed with traditional dance and musical performances, followed by a speech from the local governor. He definitely wrote the speech ahead of time because he complimented our athletic physiques and referred to the rigorous training regimes we must have completed in order to participate in the Peking to Paris. What a shock he must have had when he saw us!!The mood was somewhat damped by a sudden downpour but it picked up again after dinner. A bonfire was lit and we sang and danced with the locals who had stuck around despite the rain.

Whilst camping isn’t too comfortable, especially in the rain, it is worth it for the atmosphere. A few of the participants decided to find a hotel rather than get back in their tents, but they definitely missed out. Someone got a bottle of whisky, another person grabbed their truffle salami and we stayed chatting until the early hours.