Day 28

The first test today was around a rallycross track. It was a racetrack that had both tarmac and gravel sections. Mario said it was good fun to drive because the car goes from having good grip to hardly having any.

The second track was just gravel and it was my turn to sit behind the wheel. This track was a little different because there was a “stop and go.” This means that at a particular point we would have to bring the car to a complete standstill, wait for 5 seconds and then keep going.

We started well but then Mario told me to stop 100m before the stop and go section. We ended up wasting a lot of time because we then had to stop again at the real section.

A later section passed through some trees and there he pointed out that trees don’t move in the same way that tires do! Other than that he left the driving to me. I drove a lot better that way and even ended up beating one or the Porsches.

We then drove to Helsinki, parked our car by the ferry and headed into the center for lunch. By 16:30 we were on the boat with everyone else and on our way to Tallinn in Estonia.