Day 29

The most exciting part about today was again the timed laps on the closed circuits. Mario drove the first one and was making good time when the track suddenly changed from tarmac to gravel. For a split second it seemed as though the track had disappeared and we ground to a halt, unsure of which direction to drive in. The error cost us a lot of time, but made us determined to do better on the second track which was scheduled for the afternoon.

Mario thinks that I sometimes drive beyond my abilities so he told me to take it easy. He was calling out the chicanes to me as they were coming up so that I could prepare and efficiently take the turns.

Our strategy seemed to be working well until Mario told me that a sharp left was coming up. He repeated it multiple times so as soon as I saw a piece of track veering left I took the turn at full speed, driving through a rope barrier and almost taking out a cameraman in the process. I had to reverse, get back onto the track and take, what was in fact, a sharp right. Hopefully by Paris we will have figured out how this racing thing works.