Day 30

Today we drove through three countries. We had breakfast in Latvia, lunch in Lithuania and dinner in Poland. I wish we had a bit more time to explore along the way as the country roads we mainly drove along, looked pretty similar.

The last Etappe of the day was a lap around a track located just next to the hotel. Artificial chicanes made out of hay bales had been placed at the end of two long straights in order to slow the cars down. The gap between the hay bales was smaller than expected and a couple of the cars accidentally clipped them. Although Mario found it fun to watch other cars do this, I know he wouldn’t have been so amused, had I done the same.

This evening the rally mechanics held their sweep party in the hotel parking lot. The back of their trucks, which are usually stuffed with tools were now brimming with beer, vodka and gin. I had been hoping for an early night but by the time I was in bed it was once again past midnight.