Day 34

Today was definitely not the most exciting day we’ve had so far. We spent most of it stuck in traffic on the motorway. Whenever we drove past another participant or bumped into them at a petrol station, we could see the frustration written on their face. After weeks of beautiful country roads, it is was hard to have a mundane day of driving with no radio, air conditioning or fully functioning clutch.

In the evening we had to drive 2.5 laps around a small circuit in Belgium. It was extremely tight, and a number of the cars got caught up in the moment and accidentally drove an extra lap, which was good for us! The mini track backed onto Spa, where the Formula 1 race is held. It would have been a bit more fun to let loose on there.

The day was salvaged by a reception put on for us by a local car club. It was held in a small village on the way to the hotel. We stopped for a soft drink and some nibbles, but because the traffic had severely delayed us, we soon headed to the hotel.

I was hoping to finally have an early night, but Mario convinced me to take a look at the roof bar and it turned out that half the rally had already discovered it. One of the participants gave an impromptu piano performance and with it, all hope of making it to my room before midnight was lost.