Day 35

Today was a tough but exciting day for the navigator as the route was made up of many turns which had to be executed in quick succession. I may have messed up on one or two of the instructions and led the surprisingly many cars, which had chosen to follow us, astray. Ever since Mario’s disastrous attempt at navigating the regularity section, he hasn’t seemed to mind too much whenever I’ve had to ask him to do a u-turn. I think he is just glad to not be navigating anymore!Our route led us through some beautiful villages and we were warmly greeted by the many Belgians who lined the streets and cheered us on. We even had another street circuit where we could race around a small village.Our final resting place tonight was in Ypres and the Belgians on the rally had told us in advance that they had planned a celebration for us. They certainly did not disappoint! We were able to park our cars on the main square and there was a huge reception awaiting us. We all stayed around and enjoyed the snacks and drinks on offer. It is crazy to think that the rally is already almost over and that we only have one more night before Paris!